14/06/2015Upper Deeside Graded Junior Challenge

Well done to all of you, great day! 

Trophy results:
9-10 girls - Holly Broughton - silver BC; Alice Lewsey - silver in fly and silver in BrS
11-12 girls - Emily Scott - gold BC 
11-12 boys - Adam Morrice - gold BC and bronze FC; Finn Heard - silver BC and silver FC

Lots of you so close to that ‘needing painted’ podium - 4th, 5th, 6th..

Awesome relays - 3rd medley and 2nd FC

Lots of significant PBs. Well done to those doing 100m BF, most of you not looking round in BrS, great team support, lots of rubiks cubes, and hey always something to work on in training, especially some of our turns.

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