24/05/2015Aberdeen Dolphins Meet

With a mere 12 swimmers, one of the smaller of the 10 teams present, you all were awesome. Everyone went home with medal(s), three age category winners, every relay winning a position, a massive 43 medals won. Very exciting - Banchory Beavers came a brilliant second place overall with first place to the organising team with a huge number of swimmers.


Elliot - 1st BF, BC, FC, BrS and winner overall in boys age category

Hannah - 1st FC, 1st BrS, 5th BF, 4th BC and winner overall in girls age category
Alice L - 4th BF, 1st BC
Holly - 6th BC, 4th BrS
Jamie - 1st BC, 1st FC, 1st Brs and winner overall in boys age category
Tom - 6th BC, 4th FC, 4th BrS

Lauren Sutherland - 5th BF, 1st BC, 1st FC
Ruby Lumsden - 3rd BC, 3rd BrS
Emily Scott - 5th BC, 4th FC

1st - Ruby, Lauren, Jamie, Tom
4th - Holly, Heather, Matthew, Sandy

FC relay
3rd - Ruby, Lauren, Jamie , Tom
5th - Alice, Matthew, Sandy, Emily

Great team, lady at marshalling commented what a polite group of kids you all are!  Your coaches are delighted with all your efforts, your improving skill, confidence and team support - brilliant, we really enjoyed the meet!!

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