Banchory Beavers is a well established swimming club catering for all abilities of swimmer, from the complete beginner through to Scottish National level and beyond.

How to join our club
If you have a child that is over the age of 4 years and under the age of 12 years and would like them to join our Learn To Swim programme, please enter their details on the Join Waiting List page and our co-ordinator will be in touch as soon as a place becomes available.  

Please note that it is the policy of Banchory Beavers Swimming Club that
  • only children over the age of 4 can join the waiting list
  • children must be aged 5 years or over to be offered swimming lessons
  • children will only be offered lessons whilst in they are in Primary school and/or under the age of 12 years
  • please ensure that you enter your child's details and not your own (!) when joining the waiting list.

If you are a more established swimmer and would like to join our competitive section, please contact our head coach, Birgit Hutcheon, on the Contact Us page for a trial. 

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